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Back Caps

handpiece back capsHandpiece Back Caps

Worn or damaged handpiece back caps can cause turbines to run sluggishly. If turbine is new, and handpiece still does not come up to speed, the handpiece back caps may be the problem. Holes in back caps must remain clear to allow sufficient air flow to exit, allowing turbine to come to speed.

New Handpiece Back Caps Could Solve Your Handpiece Problems

Pushbutton back caps occasionally get bent, or damaged springs, which can cause button to contact chuck actuator button during operation. This causes reduced turbine speed and heat due to friction. Keep back caps clean and free of debris to ensure proper handpiece operation.

Find OEM and Replacement Handpiece Back Caps Below

kavo back cap
Kavo Back Caps

Find OEM and Replacement Back Caps for many Kavo handpieces here.

star back caps
Star Back Caps

Star Back Caps can become a little sticky over time. Replace them with your next new turbine.

Midwest Back Caps

Replace Handpiece Back Caps ever 3 to 5 years.

nsk back caps
NSK Back Caps

Pushbutton and standard bur tool NSK Back Caps available here.

back cap wrench
Back Cap Wrench

Many back cap wrenches, such as the one pictured, work with multiple handpiece brands.

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