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Midwest Back Caps

midwest back capsAs handpiece repair people, we love to see Dentsply equipment show up because we know there just aren't many hidden problems with these. There is a reason why so many dentists still use the Midwest Quiet Air and Tradition handpieces. They were built right to begin with, and will continue to run for years with few replacement parts necessary. One of the parts that will occasionally give you trouble is the Midwest Back Cap.

Midwest Back Caps Are Build To Last

Midwest Back Caps are build to last, but do offer problems in the latch mechanisms and exhaust port air holes from time to time. If you use the lever type, you will begin to feel a little catch when actuating the chuck for bur placement. Manual Midwest Back Caps typically last longer but will eventually develop clogged air discharge ports, adding to handpiece back pressure and reduced turbine efficiency. We like to see both types replaced every 3 to 5 years to ensure the best handpiece operation.

Midwest Back Caps Available

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