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Midwest Handpieces

midwest handpiecesSome say Dentsply revolutionized the industry when they introduced the Midwest Quiet Air high speed handpiece. American dentists were certainly glad to see Midwest handpieces, as they were some of the first to utilize air driven technology that would soon become the norm.

Midwest Handpieces - Choice

Many practices still use the Midwest Quiet Air exclusively, due to its versatility, consistency, and price. Determined not to just ride one horse, however, Dentsply introduced the Midwest Tradition, with slightly smaller head, but near equal cutting ability. Once again, a mega hit, Midwest handpieces offered choice in size with the Midwest Tradition. Jump ahead 15 years and you find the same two handpieces with a new twist - the level and pushbutton chuck. Both the Midwest Quiet Air and Midwest Tradition handpieces can still be bought new, with, or without the automatic chuck.

Midwest Handpieces - Radical New Design

The Midwest Stylus pictured above left is a radical new design, much different from Midwest handpieces past. European engineered cellular optics, now the standard, hold up well to the dental autoclave. Pushbutton chuck, sleek curved handle, swivel coupler, and well designed grip give this handpiece the feel dentists are beginning to require. Click on the picture itself if you would like to go to the Dentsply Midwest handpieces page featuring the Midwest Stylus.

Midwest Handpieces - Don't Forget the Low Speeds

Let's not forget some of the best low speed dental handpieces in the industry. Even though it's a bit ugly, and can be hard to hang on to due to it's sheer power, the Midwest Shorty is still, in our humble opinion, the strongest 5,000 to 20,000 rpm air driven dental motor available. The turbine and ring drive design delivers brute strength others can't seem to match. Looking for a little lighter handpiece to work with your Midwest attachments? Give the Midwest Rhino a try - one of the strongest and quietest vane type air driven dental motors. The line of Midwest handpieces wouldn't be complete without addressing the hygienist's needs, and the Midwest RDH provides exactly that. Models designed for use with plastic prophys or metal, and a grip that's easy on smaller hands, at 5,000 rpm the Midwest RDH is a popular choice of Hygienists worldwide. Can you tell we like Midwest handpieces? We do!!!

Midwest Handpieces Available:

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