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Star Handpieces

star handpiecesStar Handpieces - Made in USA

One of the most popular handpiece manufacturers in the US, Star handpieces, produced by DentalEZ go back to the early days of air driven technology. While Densply Midwest was bowling over competition with the Midwest Quiet Air, DentalEZ began producing Star handpieces predecessor to the now very popular Star 430 SWL.

Star handpieces are now found in a majority of offices in the US. With the 430 series heading their highspeed line, the new Star Solara is the natural progression for dentists accustomed to the size and operation of the Star 430 SWL. The Solara has virtually the same feel as the 430, and includes Star's Patented Vortex lube free ceramic bearing turbine. The Star Solara offers the advantage of better fiber optics and a greater resistance to, or protection against, the dreaded rigors of the autoclave.

Star Handpieces - Slow or Low Speed Systems.

The Titan, Star handpieces slow speed series, or low speed as referred to by some (20,000 RPM is only considered slow in the dental industry), includes the Star Titan 5K motor, Star Titan 20K motor, Star Titan nose cone, StarTitan angle adaptor, and a multitude of compatible heads. Titan also offers speed increasing and speed reducing couplers should you choose to increase the range of use of the motor you purchase. The Titan is what we call a vane type motor, which is known for very smooth and quiet operation while providing years of consistent operation with minimal maintenance or repair.

Star Handpieces - For the Hygienist.

Hygienists will be glad to know that Star Dental has a favorite among their peers in the Prophy Star 4,000 RPM hygiene handpiece, which accepts plastic or metal prophy heads. The Prophy Star Hygiene Handpiece is lightweight, easy to grip, has an excellent chuck, and is virtually maintenance free. Rounding out the line of Star handpieces would be the Star Sonic Scaler, a definite labor savor for the progressive hygienist wishing to save a little time removing plaque and calculus.

Star Handpieces Available:

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