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KAVO 642

kavo 642

Power 11.1 watts
Weight 2.8 ounces
Speed 410,000 RPM
Air Pressure 33 psi
Spray single
Swivel optional
Fiber Optics Yes
Push button Yes

Kavo 642 - Compact Head

The KaVo 642 fiberoptic high-speed handpiece features a compact turbine head with reasonable power, designed for multiple dental restorative procedures, and excellent for smaller mouths. Kavo 642 connectsusing either KaVo Multiflex Lux 465 LRN or KaVo Multiflex Lux 1390 Coupler. Both couplers provide effortless removal from unit, anti-retraction valves and 360-degree swivel. Multiflex Lux 465 LRN has an integral bulb and water adjustment. The KaVo Multiflex Lux 1390 Coupler is compatible with 5-hole fiberoptic handpiece hoses providing their own source of light.

Kavo 642 - Pushbutton Autochuck

Kavo 642 auto-chuck easily withstands the rigors of the autoclave or chemclave. Kavo's patented integral handpiece regulator maintains the manufacturers recommended 33 psi, irregardless of higher pressures at the unit, protecting handpiece and turbine from over pressure and speed. Turbine is field replaceable provided you have handpiece specific back cap wrench. Ensure o-rings provided with turbine are replaced as well using an explorer pick to ensure handpiece longevity.

Kavo 642 Handpieces Available:

Handpiece Back Cap Wrench for KaVo 625 632 639 642B 645B 630 640B
Handpiece Back Cap Wrench for KaVo 625 632 639 642B 645B 630 640B
Time Remaining: 25d 3h 56m
Buy It Now for only: $17.95

Kavo 632 and 642 Push Button Spindle  Chuck Assembly
Kavo 632 and 642 Push Button Spindle Chuck Assembly
Time Remaining: 1d 20h 47m
Buy It Now for only: $24.95

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