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KAVO Quattrocare

kavo quattrocare

Power 110V AC
Capacity 4 Handpieces
Cycle Time 20 - 45 seconds
Air Supply Required
Regulator Yes

KaVo QUATTROcare - Cleaning Solution

Kavo Quattrocare provides the solution to cleaning and lubricating your handpieces. A large part of the solution is in the actual kavo quattrocarecleaning and lubrication spray solution used to loosen and remove debris, which we all know is the real culprit in our fight against handpiece wear. The spray expands inside handpieces to reach areas others miss, chemically treating and lubricating surfaces, while removing the materials which cause handpiece failure.

Kavo QUATTROcare - On Contra Angles

With the advent of high speed gear driven contra angles, capable of speeds of 200,000 rpm, handpiece maintenance and purge units are even more important. The tiny gears involved in these extremely precision instruments are very critical. The expansion capabilities of the Kavo QUATTROcare spray enhances the units ability to reach areas which, otherwise, would be missed. The Kavo QUATTROcare Handpiece Maintenance System is even more important when considering the cost of repairing the high speed contra angles.

How Easy Is It To Use?

  1. Attach handpieces (holds 4) - Kavo Quattrocare adaptors required
  2. Set timer and close door. Max time is 45 seconds where others require up to 100, so use the full 45 seconds for max cleaning and lubrication. Your handpieces will thank you for it by providing better and longer service.
  3. Check Kavo Quattrocare Spray level is adequate and start unit.

Kavo QUATTROcare - Compatible

Just be sure to get the required coupler to match the brand handpieces you use. Also, remember to get the E-type connectors for your low speed motor attachments. The following is a fairly comprehensive list of adaptors available:

  • Kavo Multiflex
  • E-type (fits W&H, Bien Air, NSK, and most other E-type as well)
  • Kavo Intra head
  • W&H highspeed
  • Bien Air highspeed
  • Midwest Shorty Attachment
  • Standard 4/5 - hole (no adaptor required)

Kavo Quattrocare Units Available:

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