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handpiece lubricantsDental Handpiece Lubricants

There are more handpiece lubricants available than we can count. All seem to have their own set of data which demonstrates their superiority over the rest in at least one category. We suggest you take a look at those available on our pages while keeping in mind that all synthetic lubricants designed for the dental application are of superior quality. Yes, some will resist chemical breakdown better than others, some have the ability to maintain viscosity (resistance to flow) at super high temperatures, while others lay claim to their own individual properties which separate them from the pack.

Handpiece Lubricants - Consistency

We have discovered, in our own experience, that consistency is the most critical factor in determining the effectiveness of handpiece lubricants. However, it is not the consistency of the lubricant itself, but that of the user applying it.

3 Ways To Help Handpiece Lubricants Perform Best

  • Don't Over Lubricate - Be precise. Absolutely no more than recommended.
  • Purge, Purge, Purge. Remember lubricant helps to clean as well. Purge handpiece before autoclave.handpiece lubricants
  • Put it in the right place. Air intake is the smaller of the two large holes on handpiece back end. That's the hole on top in the picture at right.

Handpiece Lubricants Available:

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