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Kavo Intra 181 Motor

E-Type Yes
Speed 20,000 RPM
Air Pressure 38 Psi +/-
Water Optional 181H/L
Chip Air Optional 181H/L
Fiber Optics Optional (181L)
Reversible Yes

Kavo Intra 181K Air Motor

Good stainless alternative to Kavo Intra 181H, and a little lighter as well. Speed range up to 20,000 rpm.  4-hole connection.  Non optic. Forward/reverse speed adjustment.   Kavo Intra 181K is Autoclaveable.  36-43 PSI. No water. No chip air.

Kavo Intra 181H - Non Optic

Kavo Intra 181H (without light). Speed range up to 20,000 rpm.  Operates in Forward or Reverse with very good Kavo intraadjustment to air flow to provide finer speed control. Internal air/water coolant. 4-hole connection.  Fits all non optic Kavo Intra attachments, as well as standard contra angles with Universal "E" type connection.  Very good anti-retraction system helps prevent cross contamination.

kavo intra

Kavo Intra 181L - Optic

Compatible with Kavo Contra Angles with or without fiber optics, probably the most versatile of the Kavo Intra motors, the 181L is works with most brands E-type contra angles. Speed is adjustable up to 20,000 rpm.  Forward/reverse speed adjustment.  Internal air/water coolant. 6-hole connection requires specific Kavo 6-pin hose.  Fits all attachments optic or non-optic with Universal "E" type connection.  Anti retraction system.  Use with KaVo LCM. 31-38 PSI.

See also Kavo 181K

Bien Air Handpieces

bien air handpiecesMade in Switzerland, Bien Air handpieces are marketed heavily in North America, and are well received. Bien Air has a complete line of air driven and electric handpieces which rival the very best the world has to offer. Swiss made products have long been synonymous with quality, dental handpieces not withstanding. Whisper quiet, smooth operating Bien Air handpieces are near vibration free allowing them to provide years of trouble free use. One of the first to incorporate brushless technology in low speed electric motors, Bien Air continues to innovate toward, and advocate the transfer to electric handpieces for all uses in the modern practice.

The following is a representative list of Bien Air handpieces available from dealers using Ebay to market their wares. See also the drop down menu at top for more selections.

Bien Air Handpieces Available:

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